Swish and Swipe Snapped me out of my Blues

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for making swish and swipe this month’s habit, when I started at the beginning of the month I thought of it only as a way to keep the icky ring that seemed to be a semi-permanent addition to my toilet at bay. Little did I know that it would be so much more.

I have always struggled with stress management/anxiety and when you combine my already high stress work environment that leaves me over loaded and stressed on the best days, with people pleasing to keep everyone happy while planning my wedding, a break down was almost written in the cards.

Today was the perfect storm of horrible things happening at work and months of pent up frustration at constantly trying to make everyone happy with everything and failing. I felt so alone and depressed like a big fat failure that I cried for hours to the point I thought I’d vomit so I wedged myself in between the wall and my pretty white toilet.

Through the tears I realized how pretty and clean it was and that made me smile, I looked around and saw how pretty and clean my tiny little bathroom was, normally there would have been a layer of grossness over everything and I realized that despite everything that had been going on I had done something I’d never done before…I had kept my bathroom spotless.

I wasn’t a failure after all and if I can keep my bathroom clean, I can deal with all of the other crazy things going on.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

spackframed1FlyLady here: We can get a handle on our self-loathing when we just do something. My shiny sink gave me hope. Each habit we establish gives us this joy.  Have your ever wondered why I picked shining your sink as your first habit?

Today is the last day to save on the Swish and Swipe pack! It is Half Price and ends at midnight EDT!

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