Your Amazing Calendar

calendar400Dear FlyLady,

I thought you might appreciate my 5 year-old-DD’s comment about your amazing calendar. My 2 y.o. DS was saying he wanted to go to Andy’s house and Jaylen’s house and the cousins house, etc. My daughter told him we were not doing those things today but he insisted we would. In exasperation DD finally said, “Joey, LOOK at the calendar! If it’s on the calendar we’ll do it, if it isn’t on the calendar we won’t.”

I’ve been using your calendar most of her life but never realized the impact it had on her. She has already scrawled on October 31 “Bella will be Ariel”. Luckily the space is big enough that I can still make notes there too. Thanks for all you do!

FlyBaby Jen

FlyLady Here: This is a prime example of what I mean when I say that children love calendars – they love the routine, the security of knowing when and where they are going to do something.

If you do not have a family calendar for your home, please invest in one today and start using it. The returns on your investment are infinite. The skill that you will be passing on to your children will last a lifetime. Using a calendar does have an impact.

calendarsquareWhen we designed our calendar for you we had families in mind. A calendar that all members of the family could use, complete with stickers and large enough squares to have multiple items scheduled. You can own the best calendar in the world but you have to USE it!

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