Wednesday Starts My Menu Planning

Dear Friends,

Wednesday is always Anti-Procrastination Day! This is the day we do things that we have been putting off. Most of us hate to clean out our refrigerators! This is because we allow those leftovers to become science projects.

I’ve been cooking for the last seven days. Our refrigerator is full of really good leftovers! Last week when I made out our menus; I planned for those leftovers. When I clean out my refrigerator today; I will pull together a pot of vegetable beef soup. This will be made from the leftover roast beef I made on Sunday. There was a lot leftover so some of it will go into my freezer for another pot of soup next month. All I have to do is fill up my slow cooker with the chopped beef and gravy, cut up the cooked carrots, add a bag of frozen vegetables, and a can of Rotel for some hot kick. We like our soup hot!

As I am cleaning out my refrigerator, I look at what needs to be cooked and what I have to use as I am planning next week’s menus. Keep in mind that any food you throw away is like tossing dollar bills into the trash. Since we have some of the Carbonara left; I will put together small portions and freeze them. I am not eating much pasta these days; so freezing it will help me to have my portions controlled.

While I am clearing out the refrigerator; I am taking inventory and making room for our groceries. I need heavy cream, buttermilk, and fresh broccoli. As I use items I place them on our grocery list. We keep one back up in our pantry and freezer for what we use often. It is not fun to run out of a staple when I am cooking. There is nothing worse than that. We do not live close to the grocery store!

I am feeling really good about our meals this month. You never know when bad weather can hit this time of year. Plan what to cook! Get those ingredients in your house! Cook what is planned! This is the secret to feeding your family! Post the menus on your calendar for your family to see. Use your slow cooker. As I am writing this; I have surprise chicken cooking in my slow cooker.

Now go clean out your refrigerator!


Use your Calendar to plan your menus. This is a great place to keep your family informed as to “What’s for Dinner?” Build one week at a time and before you know it; you will have several weeks. Eventually you will be a Menu Planning Professional by saving money and getting rid of your guilt.


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