I Can’t Call Them Rags

Dear FlyLady,

I am in possession of six new purple rags, and I love them.  I always “cringe” when people call them purple RAGS though, because they are just too lovely to call a “rag”.  Haha.  Until today, I have referred to them as my new “purple cloths”, not rags.

Today I was cleaning in my library, which used to be an exercise room containing a few pieces of exercise equipment.  When we decided to move out the equipment, a few months ago, I was disappointed to see there were a couple of brown stains on the carpet, presumably some grease which came from the exercise equipment.  When we moved in the library bookshelves, they only covered the perimeter of the room and the brown spots in the center of the room were now visible.  My husband tried to wipe them up, even shampooing the carpets, but to no avail.  Still brown spots were right in the center of the room’s carpeting.  Until today!

Before I vacuumed the library today, I took a wet purple CLOTH and attacked those spots.  To my shock and amazement, the spots came out of the carpet!  It was nothing short of a miracle, as my husband had tried repeatedly to remove the spots and they did not budge.  Now, I will no longer call my purple rags, purple cloths.  Starting today they are my “Jesus Cloths”, as they worked a miracle, and we all know that only Jesus can do that!  Lol.

Thanks again for providing us with these wonderful cleaning products.  God bless you all.

FlyBaby C

silverragframe1FlyLady here: Purple rags or cloths are a great name! Jesus is the Miracle worker! Not the cloths! You picked them up to use them!

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