No Worries

Hello from the UK!

I just wanted to write and thank you for helping me sort my life out and not be scared about the changes that are coming.

In 2 days time our daughter starts full time school (over 2 days at pre school before the summer holidays) I will also be returning to work as a waitress full-time with varied hours. My house wasn’t overly cluttered but definitely was CHAOS. I wouldn’t clean or tidy then do it all in one day and hate it. Such hard work!

In July I discovered you. My life has totally changed.

My house is now sorted and with our new routines in place everything is so much easier. Picking up after ourselves, morning and before bed routines. Wow!
Doing laundry every day is revolutionary and so obvious.

On Saturday I returned home from work after midnight and discovered that my DH had done the full before bed routine. My living room was straight (including the sofa cushions) my kitchen was clean and my sink was sparkling including a sweet note in the sink saying I’d already done enough work tonight.

Now I have no worries about the new changes coming. I’m able to embrace them and join in my daughters excitement at starting ‘big girl school’

I would like to say that the BIGGEST change has been with me. My depression has improved so much. I work much better to a routine and not sobbing around all day in pj’s. Getting dressed first thing and having a daily goal and then seeing the difference has done wonders.

Thank you so much

Jemima in the UK

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