Back to Basics; Weekly Home Blessing

Dear Friends,

Have you ever done a Weekly Home Blessing? I understand for some of you who work outside of your home or have little children, that putting together a full hour to bless your home is almost impossible, but I have a way for you to do it without stressing you out. I like to do it this way too.The last thing I want to do is add more stress to your life. We are here to reduce your stress!

First I want to look at why you don’t think you have time to do a Weekly Home Blessing Hour.

When your mother made you vacuum; you had to do it right! All the furniture had to be pulled out from the wall and vacuumed under it. Dusting was another form of torture. Everything had to be removed from the tables. Oh let’s not forget about mopping a floor. First we had to sweep it well and then we had to get down on our hands and knees to scrub the floor. If we tried to do it any other way it was not good enough.

No wonder we don’t want to bless our homes. As a child it was punishment.

Now hear this! This is your home not your mother’s and you can bless it anyway you want to. Do your morning routine first, be dressed to lace up shoes and make sure you have your breakfast. Then you spend 10 minutes just one thing at a time. If you can’t put together a full hour then do one thing each day or at the top of every hour.

Change sheets – I usually strip those off the bed as I get up. I have two sets of sheets for our bed. I allow the bed to air out till I get the rest of my morning routine done.

Empty all the trash – Grab the trash bag from the kitchen and run around the house and add the rest of the trash to it. Put it in your big garbage can.

Vacuum all rooms – This is just the middles. Do it as fast as you can. Do not obsess about the lines in the carpet.

Cull/toss old magazines – This take no time at all. Gather up all your old magazines and put them in the recycle bin or put them in the car to drop off at a Doctor’s office or Car Repair place. They never have any good magazines.

Mop kitchen and bath – This is one of our most fun jobs. Yes you heard me right. Mopping can be fun if you will let go of your mother’s perfectionism. Mopping is just putting soapy water down and getting it up off the floor. Along with it comes the dirt. There are lots of ways to do this. We have a great XL mop that helps with this.

Your children can have fun too by putting them in their bathing suits and letting them slip and slid on their little bottoms. Use old towels and shaving cream. They will enjoy themselves and you will get a clean floor. It may take more than 10 minutes though. LOL

Clean mirrors and doors – We have a tool for this job too. Our purple rags do the job in no time at all.  Take a wet purple rag and clean off those dog paw print and children finger prints from the doors, and toothpaste splatters from the mirrors.

Dust – This is not your mother’s way of dusting. We have two great tools for this: Our feather duster and a detailed duster.

I use my feather duster to bless my home real fast. It only takes me about two minutes to feather dust my whole house. I use my  detailed duster when I am doing missions in the zone we are in.

So you see Weekly Home Blessing can be an aerobic exercise or a once a day blessing. I keep my Weekly Home Blessing list on my bathroom door. I have a day of the week beside each one.

Weekly Home Blessing can be hard if you still have lots of clutter. You can’t organize clutter; you have to get it out of your house. Clutter is standing in your way of you blessing your home.


Tip of the Day: You can spread Weekly Home Blessing Hour over a whole week. One item each day. Here is a poster to help you.

Here is the Weekly Home Blessing Game we did last Monday! This is your chance to do a Weekly Home Blessing with your friends!  Get out your Weekly Home Blessing Tools: Mop, Feather Duster, and purple rags!

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