Take It Back from the Clutter Monster

Dear Friends,

This week we are in our Master bedroom zone. This zone includes our bedroom, bathroom and our closet. This room has become the dumping ground for any item that does not have a home; especially if you are crisis cleaning to get ready for company. Every thing that is on your hot spots gets bagged up and literally thrown into your room and the door is slammed and maybe even locked to keep anyone from going in and seeing the mess you have disposed of in there.

No wonder you have a hard time sleeping. You can barely get to your bed. Let’s not even talk about if you have to get up in the middle of the night! You are in danger of falling and hurting yourself while you wake up the rest of the family!

Treating yourself like this has got to stop! Your bedroom is not a haven for unwanted items. It should be your sanctuary from a busy day! THIS IS YOUR ROOM; NOT A JUNK ROOM and IT IS IN YOUR HOUSE!

Were you forced to clean your room as a kid; is this why you rebel against it now! Did you hear what I said! This is your room in your house! You do not live with your parents and you do not have to hide or rebel against them any longer. You deserve to have a home that hugs you and a room that cradles you in comfort each night as you drift off to sleep!

Your room should be the cleanest room in your home! This is where you spend many hours of your life! This is the room where you replenish your energy and heal! You will find that as this room becomes a sanctuary to you; your energy levels will increase.

Each day this week we are going to spend 15 minutes releasing the clutter to make room to bless your life! If you need to do a couple of 15 minute sessions then go for it! Babysteps will turn this junk room into your sanctuary!

I am going to throw something out for you to think about. Maybe if you get better sleep, you might have more energy! With energy, you could feel like cooking. This could help you save real money. Keep in mind that if you start your cooking when you are not totally exhausted; that it will be easier on you!

Are you ready to FLY with your bedroom blessing you each day instead of sucking the life right out of you!


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