Second Generation FlyBaby

Dear FlyLady,

I am so grateful for how much you have helped me over the years.  My mother bought your book, “Sink Reflections“, many years ago and passed it on to me. She passed away 3 years ago, but I still have that book with her name written inside the front cover and a date on the back of January 25, 2003.(That could be the date she finished reading it & gave it to me.  I’m really not sure.)

However, I have been a FlyBaby off and on ever since. Some of your advice has never left me, and the habits I have continued to stick with make life so much easier.

Anyway, this is a testimonial about the fabulous silver (or purple) rags. I noticed a film on the inside of my car windshield and decided to clean the windows. I did use a product called Invisible Glass (like Windex) and wiped all the inside windows of this SUV and then proceeded to the outside. I only used ONE silver rag and never washed it until the entire job was done!  My car windows have NEVER looked this good!

I couldn’t believe that I really had no streaks or dirty areas at all!  Wow!!!  To say I was amazed is an understatement.  I also keep one near my newly remodeled bathroom vanity, and I use it daily to wipe out the sink and fixtures to keep them spot free. These are the best cleaning rags I have ever used.  I have some of your other tools and am very pleased at how they help make keeping things clean so much easier.  Thank you so very much for what you have done for all of us.

May God bless you!

Yours truly,
Flybaby Becky
From Missouri

FlyLady here: I know why the date is in the book! I told everyone to put their name in their book and date when they got started FLYing! That is why your precious mother did this! That makes me smile that she did it!

Your silver rags would have cleaned that film right off your window with just water! Try it next time without the window cleaner. I think you will be happy!

Do you have a testimonial about about your purple or silver rags. Please send it to with MIRACLE RAG in the subject line.

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