Our Life is Now Predictable

Dear FlyLady,

As I was blessing my home today, I remembered how this all started, how things use to be, and how much things have changed. It made me smile! I’d like to share my smile with you.It was only three years ago. My husband was working a very stressful job and had just come home from another killer day. Our 4 kids were loudly greeting him, fighting amongst each other and begging him for his attention and defense.

I had was a new FlyBaby, about 3 months old and was still taking BabySteps. I started to notice a difference in myself almost immediately, my family was not so in tune. Until that night.

Like I said the kids were loud, my husband was stressed, and I…. well, I had it all under control. Dinner was on the table right on time. I told the kids to leave their father alone and sit down at the table for dinner. We all sat down to a nice, fulfilling, healthy dinner.

Unfortunately, the kids continued to fight amongst each other as kids will do. My DH lost control. He slammed his fist on the table and announced “I have had enough of all of this fighting! I have had a hard day and this is not what I want to come home to.”

The kids were instantly quiet. My DH looked around him, then looked across the dinner table directly at me. The next words out of his mouth were the magic words I has been waiting 3 months to hear. He said “All day I have had everyone around me fighting and yelling at me for attention, everyone except you. What is up with you?” I simply replied “I’ve learned to FLY.”

I have been FLYing for 3 years now. My household and my life are under control. My husband is now working at a less stressful job, and our kids, well they still fight amongst themselves, but that is a work in progress.

My family doesn’t participate in my journey to FLY, but they have accepted that this is what I do, it’s become part of who I am. Words like rubba scrubba, 27 fling boogie, and kid’s challenge have become common place in our home.

My family is able to find the things they need, and our life is predictable thanks to calendars. (which has made a great difference since both my DH and oldest DS are both bipolar). I use FLYterms in my daily life and sometimes get strange looks, but my kids know what they are and are quick to explain.

I have told many people in my life what a difference this has made in my life and they always ask “what’s your secret?” and I always respond “FlyLady.net


FlyLady here: Using your calendar is about developing the habit to look at it and write down appointments and basic weekly plan.
You will FLY with good calendar habits!
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It wasn’t until I incorporated looking at my calendar; morning, afternoon, and evening; that I was able to find peace. This is why we developed a calendar that is big enough for milestones, menu planning, busy schedules, and had 17 months!
The 5 month grace period gives us the ability to schedule events next summer.
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