What a Time and Energy Saver

Dear FlyLady,

I received my FlyLady mop several months ago, and I have been amazed at how quickly and easily I can mop my kitchen floor.  Just a few short minutes to clean, and I don’t have to go back over the floor again to “rinse” any slippery cleaning solution off of the floor.  What a time and energy saver!

I have three of those thick foam mats in my kitchen to help take some pressure off of my knees.  The mats have a textured surface, as well as a bit of a raised design on them.  Before today, I just tried to spot clean them when I noticed a sticky spill, but they have been looking not-too-clean for quite a while.  I was getting ready to ask DH to take them out in the driveway this weekend and scrub them down and hose them off. I had set my timer this morning and was zipping along with my FlyLady mop (I had water on it) when I thought, I might as well see if I can get a few spill spots off of those mats.

I turned the mop longways like Liz did in the video, and that helped move it over the textured surface as well as get the angled edges of the mats.  Not only did the mop remove the dried-on spill spots, but it also made the dirty appearance of the mats go away!  Those microfiber chenille fingers must have reached into the textured surface and grabbed the dirt right out.

My kitchen mats are now shining, with very little effort, and I didn’t have to wait until DH could take them outside and scrub them! When I was done mopping the rest of the floor, I had a little bit of “crud” that had gathered in front of the mop.  Since I was getting ready to do a laundry load of purple rags and mop cloths, I removed the mop cloth right there where the crud was, folded it over on itself with the chenille fingers to the inside, and picked up the crud with the reverse side of it.  Then I just threw it in the washer with the others.  Didn’t even have to use a paper towel.

Thank you, FlyLady, for your wonderful tools and all of your encouragement!  I have been reading your emails and watching your Facebook Live videos for quite a while, and now your words are really starting to “sink” in (no pun intended)!  I am getting my routines and control journal in order bit by bit (Baby Steps!), and I feel like I am FLYing more and more every day.  And thank you to your FlyCrew for all of their hard work to get your messages and tools to us!

FlyBaby L
Raleigh, NC

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