My Do It Now Kicked In

Dear FlyLady,

I ordered the XL Mop as a Christmas gift for my Sweetheart’s house. (Yeah, I have started buying here and there for Christmas:). It came with two of the dark blue mop cloths. So I decided to bless MY house with one of them!

I have the smaller original mop so the XL Mop cloth is a little big for my mop but it still works just great for my floors.

So this evening I was rebooting my laundry before bed, and I noticed some cobwebs and stuff around my laundry room ceiling. Now I have cleaned these ceilings and walls before with a ladder and a rag.  It was a LOT of work!

Well, THAT sure wasn’t gonna happen tonight. But my new XL mop cloth was hanging up from being washed earlier and I thought, Why not give it a go?

Wow!  It worked awesomely!! In under two minutes I mopped the entire ceiling and all 4 walls of my laundry room! My laundry room just SHINES now!!

So thank you again for yet another fabulous product to help me love myself, my home, and my family!

Much love,
Michelle in Missouri

PS. I have discovered that the Rubba Scrubbas do a great job cleaning the gunk off the delicate air filters in my window air conditioners, too!  Rock and ROLL!!

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