My White Floor Looks Beautiful

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for everything you do. I have been following your system for about 9 months now. Things started to get better immediately, and just keep improving, despite slipping occasionally.

Your mopping videos totally inspired me and I now mop the kitchen in the evening almost daily. I have a white tile kitchen floor and 3 small children, so the floor used to be pretty much always dirty. I started dust mopping all the floors most days, and then your video inspired me to wet mop the kitchen daily (occasionally I skip it if I’m tired and/or it isn’t dirty).

The white floor looks beautiful when it’s clean/clean enough, and or makes me happy every day. Now when I do the mopping part of the home blessing, instead of spending most of the 10 minutes scraping off a week’s worth of stuck on food around the kids’ chairs, I skip the kitchen altogether and can get to the rest of the house.

I am so glad to have your mop and use it pretty much every day, for dry dust mopping the whole house and wet mopping the kitchen. I’m planning on getting a second (and maybe third) chenille mop head.

Ruth in Northern California

FlyLady here: I am so proud of Ruth. I learned that sweeping the kitchen floor is part of our Kitchen Kaper Duties when I was 12 years old at Girl Scout Camp!

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