Say It For Me

Dear Friends,

This morning for my musing, I have a song running through my head. Occasionally I get a song lyric that I feel is a God Breeze and I have to go where that little wind takes me.

“I’m just a girl that can’t say no.” are the words that keep running through my brain and I’ll bet that you have a tendency to be one of these girls too. We can’t help it. We are the creative ones that can do anything and everyone around you knows it. The trouble with being a yes person is that we are continually giving and eventually we run out of steam and we don’t have the courage to say no!

My calling as I see it; is to motivate you (not teach you how to clean and organize your home) and to show you that you are worth loving. You have been beaten down your whole life by people that have told you that you were lazy, stupid and who knows what else.  Yet when something really needs to be done, who do they call: YOU. Do you want to know why they call you? It is because they know you will drop everything to accomplish your job! Even at the price of your family, your home and worst of all you! You are a sweet giving person that just wants to be appreciated.

When they call you the next time, I want you to think about the price that you have to pay to be appreciated by someone that is preying on you for your kindness and lack of self-love. Now don’t go ballistic on me. You have all been in committees when someone has volunteered you for something. You don’t see them holding up their hand for the job do you! One more little iron in the fire won’t break you and because you are already so active! The reason you are spread so thin is because you have not learned how to protect yourself with the
words, NO!

I have a personal mission statement: To find joy in everything I do. Some things are not joyful and I have learned my personal limitations. You can too.  By setting limits on the number of outside activities that you are involved in.

When I was growing up, my father set a limit on how many nights we could be out of the house a week: 3 nights a week and that included church activities. It is just amazing how that one limitation kept us home and studying. Now days, our children are involved in so many different activities.  Kids get tired too. Think about what is happening to your family in order to expose your children to stuff. Isn’t it better to be a family and do family activities together than
to be pulled in 15 different directions at one time. Slow down and smell the roses for a change.

Learning to say NO is a good start to FLYing! You can do this. We all have had too. Just remember, it will get done if you don’t do it. I promise! Let someone else have a chance to let their light shine! Then you can share with them the FLYing Free exercise of saying NO!

Are you ready to FLY?


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