Reading The Book Helps

Dear FlyLady,

Your book Sink Reflections inspired me to try again. After the death of my parents and my MIL, (nothing tragic, just old!) we ended up with LOTS of memorabilia, a few antiques, and a lot of stuff that had to be sorted before going to Goodwill.

I was overwhelmed and depressed. My house looked like we were hoarders. And I couldn’t really clean or vacuum because of all the stuff. So it got worse. We couldn’t have company. We couldn’t have family get-togethers. I was too embarrassed to even have refrigerator repairs done, so we had to replace the fan ourselves.

After just three weeks, I’m feeling like this is doable. I don’t have to spend hours cleaning a room. I spend fifteen minutes on a task. I set the timer on the app. And when it finishes, I stop. My bed gets made. I get dressed. My dishwasher gets unloaded. My sink is clean, not stacked full of dirty dishes. My husband is complaining that he has too many pairs of underwear to fit in the drawer! Believe me, too many clean clothes has NEVER been a problem around here!

Thank you for writing a book that speaks so directly to the perfectionists, the ADD’ers, the depressives. I can do this. It gets better, fifteen minutes at a time.


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