The Right Shoes Make a Difference

Dear FlyLady,

Well, have to admit it, Flylady is right again!  After reading today’s thought about shoes, I thought I have the best excuse for not wearing them.  I had a bout of gouty pain, plus have some foot nerve issues.  Surely I’m excused?  So I went online and the first article I came across (in webmd) was headlined “Wrong shoes make gout pain worse”.  Oh oh, that sure sounds like someone we know.  And guess what GOOD shoes were suggested?  Athletic sneakers, walking shoes or oxfords!  Guess what….all lace up shoes.  Further in the article they bemoaned the fact that many people with gout wear OLD shoes that are lacking in support.  Like perhaps, slippers?

I’m going to treat myself right today, as Flylady always demands, and get a new pair of wide enough shoes to wear just in the house!

Thanks Flylady,

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