Where Do I Declutter?

Dear FlyLady,

I have restarted the decluttering process in a different home from when I first found you. I am decluttering some every day, taking baby steps and seeing some progress. Now I’m wondering: I have several rooms in progress, and I don’t know whether to keep doing it randomly like I have been, or should I focus and finish a room? If I focus to finish a room, should it be the neatest one that won’t take much work so I can actually see a finished project, or should I start with the areas we spend the most time in? I thought perhaps you might know which works better…

FlyBaby Nancy in Kansas

Dear Nancy,

The main rule you have to remember is not to pull out more than you can put back in an hour. Your perfectionism wants to see the whole room clean at once. This is why we do 27 Fling Boogies!

This is how I got rid of our clutter. I did three-27 Fling Boogies a day for several months. Use our zones to help keep you focused in one room. When we go hog wild decluttering, we usually crash and burn. Decluttering in Babysteps with our 27 Fling Boogies or 5 Minute Room Rescues can reduce your clutter without making you feel like you have to replace it all.

The gradual declutter feels good! Try it! All we ask is that you spend only 15 minutes a day decluttering! This is just 5 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening!

Make it fun and it will get done!

Do You Have Your Calendar Yet?

2019calendarDon’t procrastinate! We are getting low on our inventory. I know you have been struggling with a calendar that is not big enough for your family’s busy schedule.

Start your New Year with a calendar that will help you get rid of the CHAOS!

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