What Do You Recommend for Floors?

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for helping me change my life. I have worked/schooled double duty for my entire adult life (mid 30s now, and almost with a Ph.D. in hand). My husband and I married almost two years ago. We have a nice-sized house (not huge, but roomy) that I have had a really hard time keeping clean enough for guests to “pop in.” CHAOS!!! I found your website by a fluke chance back in December and have been FLYing ever since.

I feel such pride that the house is manageable now, and I don’t get carried away with perfectionism or feel bad about myself if I don’t get every mission accomplished every day. I do keep my sink shined…I am amazed by this one little trick and how it makes me feel great all the time. (Did you hypnotize me about sink shining? Just kidding.) Now I am even dressing to shoes, those this has been the most difficult routine for me as I love being barefoot. I am trying it out because your philosophy has not failed me yet. I absolutely LOVE your system. I LOVE how you present routines, I LOVE your philosophy, I LOVE that this is a wonderful, encouraging community of FLYbabies. So thank you so very much for sharing yourself.

I recently purchased the Purple Rags and the Feather Duster and have been having too much fun using them. Thanks for providing such great and fun products, and for making cleaning time fun in general.

Beyond shouting your praises (which you so very mush deserve), I do have a cleaning question. My house has this old linoleum kitchen floor and some fancy brick flooring in the entrance. I am about to move to a house that has linoleum and wood floors. I currently use some “spic and span” floor cleaner that does an “ok” job on the linoleum and brick. But I was wondering what YOU would recommend with your low/no chemical philosophy for my floors? Do you use anything besides water on your floors? I hate using chemicals unnecessarily.

I have so much more to say to you FlyLady, but perhaps will save it for future emails. Just know that you have changed yet another life with your system. And you are one special lady. Keep going!

Dori in Michigan


Dear Dori,

Thank you so much for all your praises but always keep in mind that you did all this! YOU made your house a home! We just give you the tools to make it happen. We shine a little light on the simple things and show you how to not obsess. I am so proud of you.

I am with you when it comes to chemicals. That is one of the reasons we found a micro-fiber mop. We saw how great our purple rags were on windows and just about everything else; why wouldn’t they work on floors!

So with just simple water you can clean your floors. If they are extra dirty then you can use a little window cleaner or vinegar. No streaks! The micro-fiber cloths do all the work for you. You can use them wet or dry!

You know what I always say, “Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family!” The same goes for your floors. Have fun and don’t obsess! Put on some fast paced music and mop a floor! There is more than one way to do it.

CarpetsweepasetWe have a new tool for our rugs, the carpet sweepa. It is great for getting the dog hair. Check out this little video.

Get your children involved! Put water down and some shaving cream or baby shampoo. Let them slide around on the floor with old towels. You will be so surprised at how clean a floor can get with just a little play.

I have done my my own video while having fun mopping my floors. I would love to see yours. Make a video of you or your children having fun doing the floors. Post it to Youtube and tag FLYLADY in it. Then send a link to me; FlyLady@flylady.net with FUN FLOORS in the subject line.

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