Life Changing Mop

Dear FlyLady,

The new XL mop should be called Amazing, Life Changing Mop!!  I got mine yesterday and tried it out.  Just wow!!  I used it on my floors without sweeping first and was shocked at the stuff that came up with just a couple of easy swipes of the mop. I don’t have carpet in my house – it’s all hardwood and linoleum.

I also have multiple rescue kitties and puppers, as well as human teenagers. Before today, I’d always struggled with keeping my floors clean because of back issues.  Between sweeping and then filling up the mop bucket, mopping, and then rinsing the mop and emptying the bucket and rinsing it out- by the time all that was done, my back was done. Or I’d have to rely on my children to sweep and mop. When I did mop,  I’d have to rest afterwards with a heating pad before I could do anything else.

No more, thanks to the Amazing Life Changing Super Flylady XL Mop! I am able to mop my floors with ease!! Thank you so much to you and your staff for working so diligently to find products that will be helpful around the house, and help us in the process.  I thank  you.  My floors thank you!  My children thank you!!


a very impressed FlyBaby Brenda


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