Ready and Prepared

Dear FlyLady,

I had to write in as I owe you a big thank you. Last year all of Florida was warned of a terrible hurricane that was sting enough to do us all harm. We needed to make a run for it. My house is a mess, but thanks to your Office in a bag, I was ready to drive away in 30 minutes. I didn’t buy your office, because I had so much stuff at home. I made a copy of yours. And all these years, that where I keep all the important insurance info, health info, anything terrible important. But, because I’m a pack rat, it was stored in a rolling briefcase. Basically it was a rolling office. So, it took me 30 minutes to pack our suitcases, my rolling office, and the dog, and then we left. All along my drive, I was so happy that you had taught me about that office in a bag. I had no worries. If my house was gone when I get back I’d have all my insurance info with me in my car. I was so relieved about that. I did not have to waste time searching for things or emptying a file cabinet i nto my trunk. I had just what we needed. And I have you to thank. So, a big THANK YOU, FLYLADY is well over due. I got home a week later to find minor damages. I am grateful there too. But I can’t express how grateful I am to know that I was ready and prepared if the worst would have happened.

Flybaby Karen

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