I Play a Game

Dar FlyLady,

For some time, I was confused between routines to be memorized and checklists of many more things to do.  I think I finally got it, thanks to the FlyLady app, the 22 reminders at the bottom of the daily mission emails, and a few comments FlyLady has made in various musings.  I think this is part of flywashing.  The routines aren’t exactly to be memorized, but to become second nature.  That’s like body memory as opposed to a memorization project such as a poem or Bible passage.  That’s why we start, reinforce, or re-start one new one at a time, like wearing shoes this month.

The checklists are also things that need to be done, but are not second nature yet.  I play a game with the FlyLady app that had helped me learn this and that challenges me without the P word.  I check the app after I do my routines and see how many I did without having to read them.  Before, I was checking the app before starting my routines and feeling overwhelmed from the beginning.  I knew that wasn’t FlyLady’s intention; hence, the game.  It works, and it makes it fun.  Somewhere I read that if it’s fun, it will get done.  Now I wonder where I heard that😃

A recovering “P”

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