What Do I Do with Homeless Items

Dear FlyLady,

What do I do with “HOMELESS” items when I declutter?

I am desperately trying to follow your decluttering instructions, but I end up with a bin of “HOMELESS” rather than “Put Away”. My problem is that their home either doesn’t exist yet OR is full of OTHER items that need de-cluttering. What do I do??

Frustrated FlyBaby in Frisco

Dear Frustrated FlyBaby in Frisco,

My Born Organized Granny always said, Everything has a place and everything in it’s place. Do you have a place for everything?

Do your piles begin to grow because you cannot make a decision on where to put STUFF. I want you to evaluate your piles and decide where to put everything. Even if you have to put post-it notes on the inside of the drawers and doors.

Find a place for everything. If you don’t have room, then it is time to EVICT the junk to make room for the good stuff.

I know it is hard for Flybabies to make decision on where to place an item. Look at the item and think about where you use it most often. Then go put it there. If there is no room in the Inn; then throw away or give-away something that you no longer need or want that is in that spot.

I am not telling you to do this all at once; just one pile at a time, one item at a time. As you run across something that does not have a home; find it one. Your stuff will be much happier when it has a home. It has been homeless for a long time. You will know where things belong. Then you can PUT THEM AWAY WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED WITH THEM!

These are two of our biggest problems. Finding a home for things and putting them away when we have finished using them.

You will find that when you just begin to do these things, your home will start looking good all the time.

Are you ready to FLY with your stuff having a home.


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