They Reduced My Cleaning Time Exponentially

Hi Fly Lady,

I just wanted to give you a praise report about your routines and your purple rags.

I’ve read many emails on how wonderful your  purple rags are, but I’ve never taken a moment to order them. Honestly, I was sort of skeptical.

But you recently had a sale and so I ordered a set. Oh my goodness!!!

They are so so so awesome!! I absolutely love them! The texture is unique and unlike any cleaning rags I’ve had before. I was able to easily clean in the kitchen with these and they reduced my cleaning time exponentially. In fact, I was able to remove some old grease stains with one swipe on the vent above the stove. It came off like water with these rags!

I’m so happy I bought them and can only recommend them with the highest regard. Regarding your routines, I’ve followed the basic morning and evening ones for years. It is second nature to do them and makes my life easy as long as I keep up with them. I am still working on doing the zone cleaning regularly. But when I practice your 15 min declutter (and even better 2 min ones!) I find I am amazed at how much I get done. Thank you for all of your service to us and all of the encouragement. I’m so thankful I found you!!

My best regards,
Flybaby in California

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