Keeping My House Clean and My Life Simple

Dear Flylady,

I have been fluttering quite successfully for about 6 months now. I realized I was a recovering perfectionist about 6 years ago but I didn’t realize how much it was hurting me and my family until about 2 years ago. I am one of those people who is born organized but I was killing myself and destroying my relationships with my family all in the name of having a perfect schedule and a perfect house. Anyhow I wanted to thank you because using your method has not only helped me to clean and declutter my home in a manner that is manageable but it made me realize I need to Declutter my heart as well.

I’ve always been a little proud of the fact that I am the opposite of a pack rat and am constantly getting rid of stuff and clutter but what the last six months has also shown me is that I am also addicted to getting new stuff as well. Stuff I really don’t need, and really don’t have a place for after getting my home organized. What clued me into the fact that something was wrong in my heart was how sad I was that I don’t really have room anymore to put or buy new stuff…if I wanted to keep my house clean and my life simple. Thank you for what you do and for helping me realize while getting my home decluttered and clean is nice, the root of the problem of filling my empty heart with stuff instead of the love of God was even more important! Fluttering in Colorado,


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