March Habit #24 A Good Start

Dear FlyLady,

This is my third attempt at FLYing.  My husband’s cousin introduced me to Sink Reflections in 2011.  I got off to a good start and then had my first child in Feb 2012.  CHAOS swooped in and took over.  First time mom and fairly new to being SAH(M) since I had quit working just a few months before I became pregnant.  I knew how to structure my day when I was working outside the home, but this being a SAHM thing was all totally new.  In 2014, I got back on the FLYing wagon, only to fall off again in August 2014 when my second child was born.

Last month, I had one of those emergency cleaning spree (CHAOS) panic attack kind of days.  It was my daughter’s fifth birthday and we were planning a small get together at our house.  My in-laws are retired military and keep their house in ship-shape all the time.  They live near, but seldom visit us.  So, knowing they were coming in eleven hours, I was frantic to stash and dash anything and everything I could.  I spent the entire day using your 15 minute time frames and resting every 45 minutes.  I carried the last boxes of junk up to the master bedroom just a few minutes before they arrived.  I cringed every time my daughter mentioned anything about her bedroom, afraid she would invite them upstairs to see her room.  There was barely a walking path before my stash and dash session and I was pretty sure I had filled up the walking path.   Luckily, I made it through the evening without the embarrassment of anyone venturing up or down the stairs to any other part of the house.  I was actually proud of my accomplishments for the day, although I knew eventually I would have to deal with all the boxes I had stashed elsewhere.

About the same time that I had to do my emergency cleaning spree, I stumbled across an old email about the book “Hidden Treasures” that your sister wrote.  I love a good story and her book did not disappoint.  I must admit, the encouragement I found in her book helped me through that eleven hours of pure torture trying to get my house “presentable”.  That’s a really important word.  The first floor was “presentable” but no where near perfect.  The second floor and finished basement were no where near presentable.  After I finished reading Patti’s book, I hunted down my copy of “Sink Reflections”.  I have been reading a couple of chapters per day now for about two weeks.  I feel like I am really ready to FLY away from CHAOS and never look back.  The difference is this time I am taking the steps in order as you have instructed.  I shined my sink.  I picked out my clothes last night.  I took a shower and got dressed to my shoes this morning.  I have taken 15 minutes to declutter in my dining room today.  I spent 3-15 minute sessions in my master bath today.  Oh my…did it ever need it.

I think it will need at least 6 more 15 minute sessions before I can call it clean, but wow what a difference I can see after 45 minutes.  My only goal today was to 1)find the bathroom sink and 2)shine the sink and toilet.  I am pretty sure my husband will notice, as my five year old said, “Mommy the bathroom looks perfect!”  Well, not quite perfect, but definitely better.

Thank you FlyLady.  I am going to get through all 3600 square feet of this house with your help, one baby step at a time.

Melissa from Shepherdsville KY

Dear Friends,

FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a shoe Testimonial? Let us know, and send an email with I HAVE MY SHOES ON in the subject line.


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