My Kitchen Island Catches All the Papers

Dear FlyLady,

Even though I’m new to FlyLady I have seen lots of progress in the making.  My sink is shiny, I have been sticking to my morning & evening routine, it’s been great even though it’s less than a week.  Now my Biggest Problem my husband and grown daughter’s offices are on the 3rd floor, mine is in the basement.

My kitchen counter island on the 2nd floor has become the landing for papers and messages that my husband looks at as soon as he gets home, Estimates my daughter types and leaves on the Island counter for my husband to check over and the next thing I know there’s mail and paper clutter all over my island-not just them, but I am just as guilty.  Any suggestions from you?


Dear Lyn,

You need inboxes! But first you need to talk to your family and ask for their input on this problem. The boxes could be a cute shelf on the wall on the way up the steps to their office. Or it could be a launch pad by the steps. That is really what they are using the kitchen island for; a launch pad. Really they are procrastinating about taking the papers upstairs to place on one another’s desk.

As for the mail; you need a trash can handy to dispose of the junk as you come in the door. Do not put it down until you have processed it! Open up the bills and throw the trash in there away too. Having a place to put your bills will keep the important papers off your island.

redofficeinabag1This is why we have an office in a bag. It is a great place to keep your bills along with a check book.

In fact we have four colors(Red, Purple, Blue, and Black) and these may just for the place for your husband and daughter’s papers, along with the family bills.  Imagine three hooks by the stairs for the Office in a Bags. With a simple shelf to hold them while they put the papers in it.

Don’t forget to get the Red one for your emergency papers in case you have to evacuate.

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