April Habit #16 It Has Really Blessed Me


Dear FlyLady,

One of the first habits I started when I first joined your ‘programme’ two months ago was the bed making habit.

I hadn’t bothered to make my bed for about 6 years. Partly because, working full time and looking after a person with very high needs full time too meant that I rarely got enough sleep, so making my bed seemed like a waste of time.

But I started doing it, and somehow it has really blessed me.

It seems such a treat to get into a made bed and it inspires me to keep the rest of the room clear too – there has been a huge pile of clothes i couldn’t be bothered to hang up on the chair in there for years too.

Yet, since I have made my bed the clothes pile has disappeared totally. When i go in that room, I feel blessed by how nice it all is – every single time!

If anyone else is thinking they can’t be bothered, please BOTHER! It really is worth it! thank you FlyLady!

Love Heather – fluttering in Isle of Man

FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a shoe Testimonial? Let us know, and send an email with I LOVE MY MADE BED in the subject line.

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