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Dear FlyLady,

Recently, I moved back home after doing 6 years in the military. Since 2015, my DS, DD, and I had been using your flying system effortlessly.

However, now we’re living next door to my mom, in the “guest house”. And it is now that it fully hit me how much ” clutter” has its hands on my family. Each room has boxes stacked up, of stuff my family doesn’t want to part with. So I got a little lost for a few months, dealing with all the adjustments.

Eventually I had a “proactive spurt” and had to do something, or I’d go crazy.
I tried the new fad system of pulling everything out; my whole kitchen was laid out in the floor, and almost none of it was mine! This only brought about the frustration of what to do with it all, because i can’t pack away my family’s “stuff” without them.

However, I was able to place everything stacked neatly on TOP of the cabinets, over the course of a week. After that, once a day I’d open a box of my own kitchen stuff, go through it, washed what I needed, and purged all that I didn’t. Just finished the last box this week, and discovered that I have way less stuff than what was in there to begin with!

I’ve set aside a cabinet to go back later to on Wednesdays (as i work on decluttering a bit everyday) and create a storage place for just my canned goods. It feels so awesome knowing that I DID THAT!

I’m back to taking my BabySteps for sure, and my sink is shining again!


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