April Habit #17 Our Long and Happy Marriage

Dear FlyLady,

Maybe our method will help someone else, although we didn’t plan it for bed making harmony

Early in our marriage, we realized that sharing one bedspread, blanket, and top sheet was not for us. We are not calm sleepers, and someone (him) always ended up hogging the covers.

Instead, we use a bottom sheet with two twin comforters on top (no top sheet). Granted, the comforters need to be washed weekly this way, so they do wear out sooner.

But still, it may just be the key to our long and happy marriage, because it’s the only way we can both get a good night’s sleep, haha.  Anyway, I was grousing to my husband that I didn’t know how we could get into the habit of making the bed, when we wake up at different times. I didn’t catch on to what he was laughing about until he showed me.

With separate comforters, all we have to do is each pull up our own whenever we get out of bed.

Carly, a FlyBaby in Texas

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