Lost and Found

Dear FlyLady,

I haven’t been doing Flylady for very long – maybe 3 weeks, but I have on two occasions   put my hands together, tipped my head & quietly thanked you Flylady. The first was when I got unexpected visitors – that was the kitchen zone week. My kitchen was immaculate & my sink was shiny.

My guests starting asking questions about my house as it is very old & historic. I was able to “offer” to show her through – not all of the house of course, but I was very proud of what I did show her – no mess – & everything was clean. I quietly thanked you FlyLady.

The second occasion to thank you FlyLady was this morning. I was on my way out to yoga, when I accidentally pulled out the makeup drawer in my bathroom & the contents fell out all over the bathroom floor. I would normally have just left everything, knowing it was going to take too long to clean up.  But I remembered that I decluttered it last week. So I tidied up straightaway – it took all of 5 mins & to add to my joy, there was not a speck of fluff, hair or dust that fell out of that drawer.

I also found some (lost) reading glasses when I decluttered under my bed & a brand new pair of leather boots my husband bought about 3 years ago.  & of course the local thrift shop is happy with the 4 garbage bags of handbags & shoes I donated to them. Thank you for your guidance.


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