Panic and Procrastination

testiflyGood Morning FlyLady from over here in the UK.

I wanted to tell you about my morning, its about panic and procrastination.

I noticed a few weeks ago that one of my car tires seemed to have a slow leak, but I wasn’t sure. I re-inflated it and then yesterday realized that yes it needed sorting.  So I put it on my diary for today, to nip along to our local friendly tire-shop and get it fixed.  I had to re-inflate the tyre again this morning before I could start the journey there, once I’d done this I though it best to check that the wheel locking nut key was in the back of the car..PANIC!!! No it wasn’t, it was missing, I hadn’t moved it, where could it be, when had we used it last, ah the repair shop used it.  I checked every bag, box, glove compartment, door side, under seats, back of seats and no key to be found.  I made a couple of phone calls, one to see if tire-shop could remove without it, no they said, second call to check they might have it at the repair shop from work done a few months ago, no they didn’t but whilst I was on the phone I made my Service appointment.

Back to the car I went, I started at the back of the car, and went through every single possible holding place, whilst doing this I cleared a few bits of paper, tissues, trash that needed throwing. I finally finally found the key in the last place I looked, the ashtray!!!  No idea why, we don’t smoke so wouldn’t have thought to look there, but it was a last resort.  So Panic over, oh but procrastination didn’t win, I’d made an appointment for my car, cleaned it out as I went along, so now it won’t need doing on Friday, and been to get the tire fixed.

I got home with a headache starting and desperate for a coffee but still one job left to do on my daily chores was vacuum, ugh…I’ll do it tomorrow, no you won’t DO IT NOW!, ok I’ll do it whilst coffee brews, and as I finished and wound the cable back up the coffee machine made its final gurgle and the coffee was brewed.  So now its ‘me’ time.

I’m feeling very calm now, Service booked, Car Cleaned, Tire Fixed, House Vacuumed, Coffee made…and relax.

I’ve been Flying a year now, and today shows just how far I’ve come.  Thank you Flylady, you’re a superstar

With all my love and good wishes to you and your crew
Calm Karin Flying in the UK

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