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Dear, Lovely Flylady,

I used your 2 minute rule to get moving!

In October last year I hurt my back. By December I had to take time off work. Half way through February I decided to try and use your 2 minute rule to attempt to get myself back to health. The back pain was still bad and I dreaded getting on my orbital trainer. I told myself that I only had to do 2 minutes. Gradually I could do more and more. This morning I managed 30 minutes, but as I started I said to myself “I only have to do 2 minutes” Just saying that is enough to get me going. Once the tough 2 are done it’s easy to keep going. Today was the first time in 7 months that I didn’t wake up in pain.

I hope this can help someone else get their body back to health. The first two minutes are the hardest, but its only 120 seconds!! You can do anything 120 seconds at a time!

Many, many thanks for your continued inspiration.

Sue in Zimbabwe

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