A Perfect Companion

Dear FlyLady,

I have been a Flybaby since almost the beginning.   I have had varying degrees of success as a Flybaby throughout the years.  I have also fallen off the wagon a time or two.  This past 2 years have been rough due to illness and injuries.

Well now I am in “Crisis Clean-Up mode” due to a rental inspection by our local municipality.   The thing that is keeping my sanity and allowing me to not wig out and brow beat my family is (1) the fact that my home has been decluttered for years;  (2) I can jump in anywhere/anytime; and (3) your crisis clean-up Method will have me finished in time.

So why am I stopping to write you a letter in the middle of what should be pure torture and panic?

I needed to write to you and rave about your FlyLady Multi-wand!  I LOVE it!

I purchased this months ago and never took it out and used it (yep typical Flybaby).   In the midst of my panic clean I needed to clean a few things that required a ladder, but due to injuries did not really want to get on a ladder.  I remembered the Multi-wand and tentatively took it out of the box.

Whoooo weeeee!   I LOVE it!

At first I used it as is and I was amazed at how well it picked up dirt and dust and made it easy to clean off the tops of doors and trim.  Then I attached it to my Flylady mop handle and that is when it really got fun!  I have been able to tackle a ton of cleaning and dusting without using a ladder.  Best of all this wand can go high or low.  It also makes cleaning behind and under furniture and appliances a breeze.    Vaulted ceilings and walls are now cow-web and dust free.  Best of all I was able to dust off a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling without a ladder and without calling for help!  The product design is perfect, flexible but not floppy.

I have yet to use it wet, but I can only imagine the possibilities!   Honestly I think I have only scratched the surface of all the things I could clean with the wand.

My whole family is in love and amazed by the power of the purple rag and I never thought that I would find another product that I could honestly say was as good as a purple rag.  The Multi-wand is a perfect companion to the purple rags.  With a purple rag, a mop handle, a multi-wand, and plain water you can clean your entire house.  It’s not a Multi-Wand it is a Miracle-Wand.

Thank you and your entire team for all you do.    I am off to set my timer and go get it done!

Longtime Flybaby in NJ


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