From Burden to Blessing

I am a fluttering FlyGuy and have been fluttering on and off for several years.  I love the system and I’d love to TestiFly to one light that came on for me.

For my entire working life I’ve struggled with the onslaught of email in the workplace. From things you want and need to all the stuff you wish was screened as spam.  I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed from FlyLady emails several times because they just became too much.

3 weeks ago I applied the “shiny sink” idea to my email, deleted everything a year or more old (in the thousands) and planned to spend a day, 15 minutes at a time sorting through the rest.  Turns out I didn’t need all day.  Most of the unread was trash to begin with or overwhelmed by events.  I was done in like 30 minutes with a 100% read inbox.

Now I keep up with the email as it comes in, answer or star items for more work and add things to my to do list or calendar.  FlyLady emails are now a blessing and not a burden.  They are blessings that break up my day and remind me I’m on the right track.

I haven’t needed anything from a year ago and now that I’m on top of it, I could probably get away with purging monthly!

I’m still fluttering, but I feel so much better at work.  Thanks for your love and attention FlyLady!

Fluttering FlyGuy in North Carolina

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