Doing Things Calmly

Dear FLYLady

I’ve been fluttering on and off for many years and have realized that this is what I have needed to do. I have needed years of hearing (reading) yours and others’ voices to finally quieten the adrenaline filled angry voices I have had in my head. Slowly slowly I am able to hear and listen to the firm but gentle words that I have been reading for so long.

I confess a shiny kitchen sink isn’t yet my morning hug (late night foraging by teenagers is still a contentious issue I’m not ready to tackle yet) but gleaming toilet bowls in both bathrooms is. My tidy night table is my bedroom shiny sink and I am increasingly placing smile-making items around my home.

I am realizing more and more just how much I haven’t been loving myself as I practise implementing your habits and routines. Doing things calmly, planning ahead, making time for me, dates with my husband, and fun family time are some of the precious habits I particularly love.

Thank you FlyLady for being willing to change. You are helping me (and many others) to also. And it’s really GOOD.

Fluttering, increasingly serenely, in the UK

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