A Family of Converts

Dear Fly Lady,

We built our house 8 years ago.  Getting it fully under control has been a challenge.  Some days I feel like a slave to it.  Last summer a friend of mine told me about you.  I tried your 15 minute plan thinking what the heck, at least something would get done.

Wonder of all wonders.  I got the garage cleared out in about a week.  It is now actually a garage and not a storage shed to be hidden from the neighbors.

The front porch was next.  I dreaded walking into the mess that was my front entry.

Dear Husband liked the shine your kitchen sink concept.  Now he enforces that rule, I don’t have to!  Little by little each room was tackled.

Now we have a 3500 square foot house that is extremely easy to maintain.  Like you said, schedule a task and just do it.  Regular maintenance really does cut down on the cleaning chore and make it all go much faster.  I used to come home exhausted, now I try to do a little something so I have free time on the weekends.

Everyone chips in to maintain the house now.  I decided that a year of sticking to your plan was worth a huge reward.  I had been secretly saving what it would have cost me for a cleaning service each month.  By the end of the year I had enough to hire a landscaper to come clear out our flower beds, and lay down stone.  It is very low maintenance.  Today I even did the 15 minute rule on the flower beds and pulled out a few stray blades of grass.  And do you know what?  Ironically I got through all of the areas in 15 minutes!  Thank you Fly Lady we are a family of converts!

Columbus, GA

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