Can I Have a Desk in my Bedroom?

Dear FlyLady,

I have been wanting to get my messy desk out of the living room. If I move things around a little, I think I can find a place in my bedroom. I think I have heard you say something about having a desk in a bedroom; could you please remind me.

FlyBaby Molly

Dear Molly,

I want you to think about the reason you want to remove your desk from the living room. Your desk is messy!

This weekend our washer stopped spinning! I did some research and I decided that it was a connection between the motor and the water pump. I emailed that video to Robert and asked him to fix it. I am so glad he used his head. In 5 minutes he had it fixed. I asked him how he did it so fast. He said I looked for the easiest problem to fix first. What a great lesson!

The easiest fix for your desk problem is to clean off your desk!

You were correct about my opinion of a desk in your bedroom! The desk is going to remind you of the things you have not done. The piles of papers are going to make you feel uneasy and mess with your sleep. So don’t do this to yourself.

If you have a computer on your desk you may be tempted to check your email or Facebook one more time before going to sleep. I don’t even like having a television in your bedroom. The light from the monitor causes you to wake up right when you are getting ready to go to sleep. This resets your internal sleep clock.

I don’t even like keeping my phone in my bedroom because of the screen. In my bathroom I don’t even turn on my full spectrum lights for this same reason. I use the light from the shower that is filtered through the shower curtain. My charging station is by my chair in the living room. The last thing I do before I head to bathroom is shut down my computer, plug in my phone, and charge my iWatch.

It is time for you to get your desk cleaned off! Here is how to do this!

If you have a desk in your bedroom think about moving it out or turning it into your vanity! Here are some ways to turn your desk into a vanity.

  1. Look in your linen closet for a table runner that is pretty.
  2. Place a pretty mirror on the wall behind the desk.
  3. Empty the drawers of the papers and put in bankers boxes.
  4. These drawers can be used for your undies, nighties, and make-up.
  5. Place a pretty tray on your vanity to hold brushes
  6. Put a cover over your chair that looks girly!
  7. Put your jewelry box on your vanity.
  8. Check out Pinterest for some fun ideas.
  9. Hang your necklaces on the wall or in a picture frame.
  10. Put a small trash box in one of the drawers!
  11. This will give a new feel to your bedroom.
  12. Have fun by getting rid of a desk that is always messy.
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