Calm and Organized

Dear FlyLady,

Yesterday I lost the key to my car.  My kids are in Day camp this week as well as some 4H activities, so when I couldn’t find it, I panicked just a bit.  I got my kids to camp in the morning, 20 mins late but they still got to go.  Then I used my FlyLady routine to help me find it, taking it 15 minutes at a time.  By the time my husband got home from work, I still hadn’t found it.  He asked me if I got into bed with the kids the night before for “night night snapchaties.”  I had, and guess where I found my key.  In my Son’s bed, lol!

My routine didn’t help me find my key, but my wildfires have been put out and my house looks fabulous!  It also kept me calm and organized when I was about to freak out!
Thank you FlyLady!

8 years of flying in Colorado,

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