I Did Not Feel Guilty

Dear FlyLady,

Thanks for all your great ideas! We recently moved cross country from a condo to a large house. I’ve been overwhelmed with unpacking and getting settled. It’s actually been 10 months since we moved and I am still unpacking! Cleaning house was probably my lowest priority. Neither of us really wanted to do it. We both worked full time before we moved and fortunately were able to afford to have someone clean once a month. I didn’t know where to start after we moved.

Your advice has been invaluable, particularly with doing a little each day and not trying to make it perfect. I also was surprised by how much dusting I could get done in two minutes 🙂 Actually, my husband was already taking care of the cat litter boxes and the toilets. He seems to be good at routines, but I’m not. Your emails really help motivate me. Seeing a clean kitchen sink really is a nice way to start the day. I’m getting unpacked one box at a time. If I see something small to clean up, I just do it instead of waiting to have the time to do it perfectly. We recently had house guests for a week. Although I worked really hard for several days to get ready, I didn’t panic. I also didn’t do every single thing I wanted to, but I didn’t feel guilty about it because I tried to be realistic. This made me more relaxed when they got here, and they thought our place looked great anyway!

Thank you,

Motivated in MD!

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