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Dear FlyLady,

I have used the FlyLady system for many years. I love to organize always have going back to my first school supplies. Spent a long time searching ways to make it easier when I went to work. Without a doubt your system is the best of the best, because it is easy and practicable. It works for single people, married, children, I think it’s great.

I also used it in my office. I always had them get me a special calendar for my desk that showed a week at a time. On Friday after lunch I would list each day for the following week in the order that it must be done. I always stayed ahead of schedule never forgetting important items. Had a time of cleaning my desk and all my storage places in the office so it was always neat and clean. As each item was completed I would check it off and made me feel great! Your system kept me well organized at work and at home.

I am now retired and am teaching this system to my granddaughter. Thank you for all the many many families you have helped thru the years. What a blessing you are to so many families.

God Bless You, Melody in Texas

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