June Habit #10 This Habit Just Clicked

  Dear FlyLady,

I hate drinking water. It doesn’t TASTE like anything and therefore it is uninteresting, boring and very unsatisfying.

I accepted the water drinking challenge last year, but I grumbled and inwardly complained. A lot. Because water is boring. I understood everything you wrote about the benefits to the body by drinking more water, but I lost interest even in adding ice to try to make it more refreshing. It wasn’t. I bought a few of your wonderful water bottles, I love them!!

But drinking plain old boring water lost it’s fun even in my awesome new bottles. So I started making herbal teas and drank that, iced, from my water bottles. Lavender tea, jasmine tea, passion tea, hibiscus tea, peppermint tea. All cold/iced. All unsweetened. Now THAT was refreshing!! So that’s what I drank all last summer and I stopped grumbling so much.

When it got cooler outside, though, my cold tea drinking dwindled and eventually sputtered out. Just after Christmas I had this really big craving for fruit. That happens to me a lot in the wintertime, I think because I just enjoy fresh fruit and I miss it when its not in season. I was cruising through Facebook one day and one of my friends re-posted something about fruit infused water. What an ingenious idea!! LOL Just add fruit to water, let it chill in a pitcher in the fridge and just keep adding water!

I know you have written and posted about that before but for some reason it never stuck in my brain. I guess I had to be in that frame of mind at that moment in time for it to click. So for the past few months, that’s exactly what I have been doing. I bought a couple bags of frozen fruit at the grocery store and now I always have a pitcher of water in my fridge with some kind of fruit or flavoring added. I have a peppermint plant (its the only plant I’ve managed to keep alive LOL) and I strip off a few leaves, bruise them (to release the flavor) and add that to the pitcher.

I have made “fill up the pitcher” part of my bedtime routine so that after I’m finished with my morning coffee I always have my cool, refreshing water to drink the rest of the day the next day. I’ve gone from FORCING myself to drink two bottles of water a day to ENJOYING drinking two (or more!!) gallons of water in a day. Just by adding fun fruits and flavors. I still make the cold tea (passion tea with fresh lemon slices is amazing!!) but I find myself reaching for the water more often than not. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s already prepared.

Thanks for caring about all of us the way you do! And thanks for having such awesome products! A recent inventory of my cupboards shows my friends and family have “abducted” a couple of my bottles. I don’t mind at all! Guess it’s time to restock! LOL

Have an amazing day!!
Joanne, Flying in Tracy CA

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