June Habit #16 Pass On New Ideas

Dear FlyLady,

A water testimonial. I was terrible about drinking water for honestly most of my life (in my 50’s now) until I really started listening to you about the importance of doing so. I love that you pass on ideas and I tried different ones but they just didn’t stick. But from those, came something that works for me. I have a set of 4 16 oz cups from the university I went to. I really like them but didn’t use them much. Then, I had an idea-they are stacked on my counter each evening and first thing in the morning, I fill the top one and when I’m finished drinking it, I turn it over, place it on the sink edge and fill the next one up. It’s so visual and I guess I really need that. I still have “water” on my daily check list with 4 lines and it feels like a real accomplishment to check those off too.

Yesterday, I had an infusion of medicine for osteoperosis and the nurse stressed the imortance of drinking A LOT of water over the next 2 days to flush the medicine out to prevent liver damage. So thankful that drinking water is a part of every day now thanks to you.


FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a Testimonial about Drinking your Water? Let us know, and send an email with I LOVE MY WATER NOW in the subject line.

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