How Can I Keep My Car Clean?

Dear FlyLady,

I need help with my car? How can I keep my car clean? Do you have any tips for me?

FlyBaby M.

Dear FlyBaby M.,

One of the last places we conquer is the paper clutter in our cars. Sometimes it is so bad that we are too ashamed to let anyone ride with us.

Most of the clutter in our car is from things that we don’t think we have time to deal with. You know the trash from the drive-thru, receipts from gas stations, and lots of school papers. As with everything we need a routine.

It all starts with being in a hurry. Imagine that! We rush our lives away. We run late, get in the car and can’t wait to get to where we are going. Then we are in another big hurry to get out of the car. That is when we leave everything in there. That is why our cars smell bad.

We try to cover up the smell with deodorizers, but nothing smells better than a clean car. When was the last time you cleaned out your car and gave it a good washing. It was probably before you had to go on a long car ride with your family. How long did it take you?

How can we keep our cars clean?

1. Friday is our day to clean out our cars.

2. Every time you fill up with gas. I like to fill up when I hit a half of tank of gas. I am always vigilant while I am pumping gas. I keep my keys in my hand and my car is locked.

3. After the gas is pumped; I take a minute to grab any trash and throw it away.

4. I take my time and use my purple rag and a rubba sweepa to clean my windshield and mirrors. I drive a truck and it is hard to reach the middle of my windshield.

5. I also keep a rubba scrubba to sweep off my floor mats.

6. Put a Post-It Note on your dashboard to remind you to throw away the trash and clean your car.

7. With your car clean; you can run though the car wash. I did that today when I filled up. You can also do a quick wash at home with your dust mitt and a water hose.

8. Keep a trash bag in your car. Then you don’t have any excuse to not keep your trash corralled.

9. When you get home; completely empty out your car. Everyone grabs something to take into the house.

10. Take your time getting out of the car. I always attach my keys to my purse and gather up my things.

11. It is OK to make a second trip to the car.

So you see keeping your car clean is easy when you slow down and take your time. When Friday rolls around it is your day to focus on your car. This will keep you safe!

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