A Pretty Good Job

Dear FlyLady,

This week you talked about the little princess and how she was forced to do things over and over and over. I was the princess but I was not allowed to do anything. My mother knew how she wanted it done and she did it. I was never taught how to clean, how to cook, how to do anything in the house.

Then I knew I was going to get married. I panicked.  When I checked out a book at the library, I think it was written by homes and Gardens, I was laughed at. It taught me what I needed for my kitchen, because I had no idea.

I started out with misplaced homemakers, I had all my little cards in the file box. They were in pretty colors.

I was certainly glad when I came upon FlyLady and Company, Inc. Now I do a pretty good job. I am 80 years old and I have raised my daughter, my son, grandchildren, and great grandchildren on your program. So thankful for you lady.

FlyBaby Johnna

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