Forever Fly-Washed

Good morning Marla and crew,

I could write many different testimonials, but I’ll start with this quick one. Baby steps, right?

I’ve been a flybaby for well over a decade. There’s hardly a week where I actually do a whole WBH and there are very few weeks where I do all of the daily missions, but I’ve been forever fly-washed.

I work as a baker at a doughnut shop. My usual work shift is the “afternoon” shift (relative to doughnut shops), 10:30 am – 6:30 pm. Last night (a Sunday) at around 7:00 pm, my boss called to inform me that my coworker called in sick, and she asked if I could cover for her. Her shift starts at 3:30 am! I didn’t hesitate to tell my boss yes. Other than knowing I wouldn’t get much sleep, I was fully prepared. The kitchen was clean, my sink already shiny, there was food in the fridge, the launch pad was already taken care of for my husband to leave for work (at a more humane time, haha), the laundry was done and put away, and there were fresh sheets on the bed… all before this phone call. I just had to finish my bedtime routine of laying out my clothes. My before bed routine saves the day again, and I start it late-afternoon.

I even had time to type out this testimonial at 2:25 am.

To newer flybabies, my one piece of advice is to just do what you can! Any bit is better than nothing, and you’ll be surprised at how the little bits add up.

Many thanks,

Lynn in Ontario

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