Where Do I Put my Rubba Swisha after I Swish

Dear FlyLady,

So I have a problem.  When I SWISH I end up with a dirty, drippy, disgusting toilet brush that I must now be removed from the toilet and store till tomorrow.  It is gross!  I don’t want it to drip on my floor and I have never found a place to put it that isn’t out in the open.  It just sits in a plastic “cup” till tomorrow.  Do you have a solution?  Do I just need to get over it and ignore the grossness of a toilet brush?


Megan (renewing my Flying habits in my new home)

Dear Megan,

I understand how a toilet brush can gross you out. That is why I keep my rubba swisha in a vase. For years we have looked for a canister to put your Swisha in but we all have something under our kitchen sinks or in your recycle bin.

Did you ever notice at the beauty shop that the combs are kept in a solution that would sanitize them. Many years ago I started keeping my Rubba Swisha in a vase that was filled with shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath that I had received for gifts. I am allergic to many products, so I can’t use them on my body but they work well for my toilet.

Keep in mind that soap is soap! I have finally gotten rid of all the odds and ends of those products by making a 50/50 solution by adding water to rinse the bottle out. Right now, I keep my Rubba Swisha in a solution of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid and water. The soap helps to keep the Swisha from being yucky. Storing it in the soap solutions stops bacteria growth. Plus it smells good too. I have even added essential oils to the solution.

So next time you are at the grocery store get an extra bottle of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Then grab a vase from that stash you have under your sink. Pour the bottle of Dawn into the vase and fill the bottle up with water and pour that into the vase and then stick your Rubba Swisha into the solution.

Every day pick up your Rubba Swisha and allow the excess solution to drip off and then swish your toilet. Keep a solution like this in every bathroom. Then once a day go to each bathroom in your house and swish and swipe. This will keep every bathroom in your home company ready. If you are drinking enough water; you will be needing to visit those bathrooms.

In 5 minutes, I ran through my house and found alot items that will hold your Rubba Swisha. But you wanted a vase! So we got one for you!

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