Does Your World Revolve Around Fear?

Dear Friends,

Have you been living in CHAOS; Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome? The reason you are afraid to let anyone in your home is because of fear.

  1. Fear of what others will think of you!
  2. Fear of social services!
  3. Fear of not being in control!
  4. Fear of messing up!
  5. Fear of not measuring up!
  6. Fear of not being good enough!
  7. Fear of other finding out your dirty secret!
  8. Fear of letting go of things!
  9. Fear of not having your stuff!
  10. Fear of losing something!
  11. Fear of losing yourself!

There comes a point in our lives that we reach the end of our rope. This is usually when we start searching for anything to get us out of our pit of despair. Something leads you to FlyLady.

The ones of you who can let people into their homes; are born organized, have either followed our system, or you pay someone to come into your home twice a month to clean up after your family. I can’t image how much that has to cost these days.

Your first assignment is to go shine your sink! Yet you don’t see how this is even going to help. This year we wrote a new book to help you get your home in order. It is a simple book. All you have to do is one babystep each day. CHAOS to Clean in 31 Easy BabySteps has been helping a lot of people.

You Gotta’ Get This Book,

By Elsie H. Wilson

This review is from: CHAOS to Clean: in 31 Easy BabySteps (Kindle Edition)

PrintThis is 31 days of sanity for those of us that are overwhelmed by life, house and clutter. But it is more than that, Marla helps you limit yourself to baby-steps! Because “want it all now” leads to more overwhelm! The FlyLady has been there and now holds your hand! FlyBaby, Fly!

FlyLady here; I want you to declare your independence from the fear you have suffered because of your cluttered chaotic home. It happens in babysteps.

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