Dog and Cat Hair Met Its Match

Dear FlyCrew,

I just used my new carpet sweepa and wow was I impressed!  I had an old carpet sweeper from probably 25 yrs ago that I was using, but it only picked up part of the dirt, no matter how many times I went over it.

I have a long carpet runner down my hallway which would get coated with fur from my long haired cat.  The hair clung tightly to the carpet and would not come up.  Then I tried  my new carpet sweeper and it all came up.

It has not looked this clean in a long time.  Also, it picked up cat litter from my bare floor, something my old sweeper left.

Just had to let you know how pleased I am.  You can use my testimonial if you wish.


FlyLady here:  Our Carpet Sweepas are an Amazing Home Tool. Here is a video of me using it on a rug in from of our fireplace.

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