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Dear FlyLady,

I have been an off and on FlyBaby for years (unfortunately more off than on).  I recently ordered the calendar, as we have started the school year and we are trying to be more organized about things so we don’t miss anything.

I LOVE the big squares….we have taken things a small step further, as I put things on the calendar, we then color code (highlight) the event.  We are a four member family and we each have our own color and a color that is for the entire family.  We can look across the room and see who has something by the color. So my DS and DD know what they have going on and are using the calendar to stay on top of things.  Thank you for all of your wonderful tools and helpful guidance.

Still fluttering in Kansas

FlyLady here: This is a great tip. Please do not use a Sharpie on your calendar. They will bleed through. I have figured out a way to use a Sharpie. You need a sheet of blank address labels. You can take one column and color them for each person; then write the event in Sharpie before you put it on the calendar. You can also use the address labels to cover up any mistakes.

Have you been putting off ordering your calendar?

video60419Young people love it and our parents love it! You can see it from across the room.  Use our stickers to make it fun and informative. We have kid stickers and adult stickers.


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