How Did You Know

Dear Flylady:

How did you know I had put things on top of my stove?  The other day you told me to go clean it off.

I have been flying for a few months now and like everyone says my life has changed.

My husband and I recently built our dream home but I found I was getting stressed out because I couldn’t keep up with the cleaning.  It is a larger house and I recently have taken some time off work and haven’t been back to work in 2 years.  May not go back.  I thought a new clean home would be so easy to stay clean but instead, trying to be the perfectionist I was, I soon was too overwhelmed trying to keep it up especially for visitors.

I gave in and tried your system and can’t believe how I was already doing a lot of your routines.  But you gave me permission to not do major cleaning all the time.  My home is always “visitor” ready now and I love having people drop in.  My husband is even enjoying a less stressed wife.

Guiltless in Louisiana
Flybaby Shelia

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