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Dear FlyLady,

I have had the emails coming to me for years and I finally decided to jump right in and just do it! So I’ve been flying for about two weeks and today it clicked!!!!! I am a SAHM of a 9 month old little boy and there is this certain bottle that I prefer over the others and I haven’t been able to find it for like two days!!!

So as I’m cooking breakfast I remember that it is Wednesday so I need to clean my fridge. So, I do this while my bacon is cooking and THERE IT WAS!!! It had gotten shoved behind a container in the fridge with like two ounces of formula in it I guess I was saving for a bowl of oats! If I would t have been following our tasks and looked at my control journal for what to do on weds I wouldn’t have cleaned my fridge and found it!

Thanks for helping me get life back together!

Nicole FLYing in IL

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